Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Importance of Taking In Art

Welcome everyone!

Writer's Block happens to everyone. For some it will be fleeting, for others it will linger. I move in and out of it, but lately I've been able to push past it and get my consecutive days streak up to 13.

One of the reasons I've found that I have writer's block is that I'm not taking in enough art. I'll get wrapped up in my job, news, sports, or whatever, and not take time to indulge in the things I love (I do love my job, but it's work, not art).

When I feel like that, I try to watch videos, read books, gaze at illustrations, or something to engage the creative parts of my brain. I find a few hours of doing that really helps break down the dams holding back my writing. 

I also notice my writing is better when I'm taking in art. My imagery is more vivid, my verbs are stronger. It just helps to have art coming in while art is going out.

So if writer's block is something you struggle with, don't fight it. Go enjoy a TV show, movie, painting, book, music, or whatever and let your mind wander aimlessly for a while. It just might help you ;)



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