Thursday, April 25, 2019

What Does Mersha's Weapon Look Like?

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A while back I did a post on Tristan's weapon. Today, I was sent a question asking what makes Mersha's a "flanged mace" rather than a "regular" mace.

First, I am absolutely NO expert in medieval and renaissance weaponry. I have a rudimentary understanding, and that's all. So whatever you do, don't take my word as gospel. Investigate it for yourself.

With that out of the way, let me explain maces as best I can. There are many different types from the very basic stone-on-a-stick to super ornate flanged maces. First, here's a spiked mace:

The spikes are meant to help it puncture armor, particularly plate armor. The small metal globe in the center helps to give the spikes some added force as they try to pierce metal. Next is a more basic mace, that has no spikes or flanges at all:

This type of mace would be most useful for attacking an enemy in chain mail armor. Chain mail is great for stopping slashing weapons like a sword or axe and isn't bad at stopping arrows with a broad head either. However, it is no defense whatsoever against a heavy round ball like this. Your ribs are going crack no matter what if you get his with this wearing just chain mail.

Finally, this is how I envision Mersha's mace:

It combines the heavy hitting power AND the puncturing power of the first two into one design. I can't say if a flanged mace like this is the best design for a mace, but it's the one I felt was most appropriate for her.

Anyway, I hope this helps you imagine the story a bit better. Take care of each other out there :)



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