Friday, April 12, 2019

Goals for the Weekend 2019-04-12

Welcome everyone!

It's Friday!!! I'm thankful, and I bet I'm not alone on that. It looks like I'm actually going to have a lot of time to myself this weekend. I need to do some work around the house. Warm weather has brought a lot of yardwork with it, but I don't mind. I was getting sick of all the cold.

Anyway, what do I want to accomplish this weekend WRT my writing? Well, here we go:

-Compile ideas for illustrations for Book 2
-Revise outline for the series as a whole not that Book 1 is done and Book 2 is approaching completion.
-Write at least 1500 words.

If I can do all that, I will have a great weekend. I hope your weekend is productive and relaxing. I'll see you on Monday.



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