Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Motifs I Like and Want To Use #1 - The Magic Mirror

Welcome everyone!

Today I want to talk start a series of posts about Motifs I've enjoyed from the literature I've read and how I might use them in my own writing should the occasion allow. I'm going to start with just one.

#1: The Magic Mirror

Thinking of mirrors as portals are as old as mirrors themselves. There's something mystical about their very nature. They reflect reality, but aren't reality - I mean, other than the fact they they are made of glass and silver.

The fact that fairy tales like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, or Alice in Wonderland use magic mirrors so effectively shows how deep in the psyche the association with magic this common object has.

Personally, I love that. I also love the idea of putting two mirrors facing each other and creating a tunnel that goes to infinity. What adventures could await someone down those dark paths? Alternate settings? Time Travel?

I won't force the use of a magic mirror in my stories. It'll have to arise naturally. I think the plot would have to call for a portal of some kind in order to justify the use of a mirror in that way. However, as I outline out the rest of my Hunter's Rose series, I'll be looking for ways to do this.

It's fun, IMHO, to include ancient and resonate motifs in my stories. I think that makes them more relatable to my readers. I'll expand on that observation more when I write about The Rose.

Anyway, take care of each other out there. :)



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